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The perfect complement for the outside

OGO is a brand  with roots that comes from islands, firmly attached to the wildest of natures, to its colours, to the immensity of the sea, to the salt, to the warm sand, the purest breeze, and the sun’s eternal embrace. The mild temperatures have marked the serene and peaceful character of our products, so that you can #enjoy with us in the open air, and everything this can bring you: pleasant days spent at 

crystal-blue beaches, long hours by the pool, laughter and secrets under the stars…

We know that we all love moments like these, most of them which cannot be improved. But what if they were? OGO, in some way, manages this to make your memories and experiences in the open air even better.

We might have islander´s origins, but we have always been adventurous and bet on the unknown. OGO is a reflection of the intrepid spirit that encourages you to discover new things and adapt yourself to any environment. All our products are perfect, be it to have a Gin and Tonic underneath the warm sun or to taste a delicious cup of hot chocolate in winter. Picture yourself at a fairy-tale landscape with a deep forest and high snowy mountains that reach as far as the eye can see… and our designs creating a stark contrast. Magic lies in versatility, and that is why OGO has been created to be able to adapt itself, just like ourselves, to any environment. It’s in your hands now to choose the views and that you #enjoy them.





If the pieces can be adapted to both the cold of winter and the warmth of summer, how could it not work indoors? OGO is here so that you can #live and #enjoy your time just the way you like; it is a flexible brand which fits just as well in an urban setting as it does in nature. Our articles give a modern touch to any kind of furniture, with shapes and colours that adapt to every taste: the hall of a hotel, the waiting room of any institution, a play area for children at a Nursery… The possibilities are endless, just like your imagination and needs. Attractive minimalistic products, which fit in effortlessly in any surroundings and bring colour, happiness, and of course, lots of comfort.




1 Tapiza SL has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the competitiveness of PYMES and thanks to which has launched an Internationalization Plan with the aim of improving its competitive position abroad during the year 2017. For this It has had the support of the XPANDE Program of the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia. 


The company has obtained financial support from the European Union for having participated in the CHEQUE INICIACIÓN A LA EXPORTACIÓN  (IVACE) Program within the FEDER Operational Program of the Valencian Region 2014-2020 for the development of its Initiation to Internationalization project.

Record: ITTVTI / 2017 / 4


The objective of the project is to develop the INTERNATIONALIZATION of the company through the external promotion with a plan proposed for the year 2018 and the politics of expansion towards new target markets.



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